New early morning Bus timetable changes

Following feedback from some of our bus users there have been timetable changes made to the Solihull Station bus service (am services only).  These changes will be effective from 1st May. Please click read more below to view the new timetable.

If you have any queries regarding the timetables please contact Deborah Fennell.

Monday to Friday (Excluding Bank Holidays with exception of Good Friday)


Solihull Rail Station 07:30 08:00 08:30 09:00

The FORE 07:45 08:15 08:45 09:15

St James Place 07:49 08:19 08:49 09:19

Blythe Valley, Bus Terminal 07:51 08:21 08:51 09:21


The FORE 16:10 17:00 17:50 18:35

St James Place 16:14 17:04 17:54 18:39

Blythe Valley, Bus Terminal 16:17 17:07 17:57 18:42

Solihull Rail Station 16:35 17:25 18:15 19:00

Line of Route

From Solihull Station –

Blossomfield Road, Marshall Lake Road, Stratford Rd (towards Stratford),

The FORE, Blythe Valley Park, Blythe Gate, Central Boulevard,

Blythe Gate Bus Terminal.

From Blythe Valley –

The FORE, Stratford Road, Blythe Valley Park, Blythe Gate, Central Boulevard,

Blythe Gate, Stratford Road (towards Birmingham), Marshall Lake Road,

Blossomfield Road, Solihull Station.




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